New global transport capability


NEW CAPABILITIES – Open up vast areas of the globe not currently accessible

GLOBAL CHANGE – Provide the optimum transportation capability for the changing global eco system

FAST & EFFICIENT - Can move goods point-to-point faster than other cargo options, burning significantly less fuel

CLEAN – Airships produce far less pollutants than other transportation means, can also use solar power

LOW IMPACT – Airships do not require infrastructure such as air or sea ports meaning the widest number of locations can be served
Airships are extremely fuel efficient Solar power can be used as a major propulsion source. A completely non-polluting version is available – the ATLAS ECO Advances in solar cells and batteries will allow solar to be the only propulsion system.

Single mode transportation system – can cover land or water point-to-point. Average speed 129 kph Airships consume significantly less fuel than most other transportation systems All different types of cargo – from perishable food to heavy equipment Can operate without air and sea ports.

Airships can operate from most open areas Most surfaces can be used; hard surface, sand, dirt, grass and water They do not require airports or seaports Billions in infrastructure cost can be saved.

Ability to land almost anywhere opens up entire regions without the need for infrastructure Crops direct from a field in Africa to a distant market A generator from the point of manufacture in Europe direct to the power station in South America.